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Top 7 and status update

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hello! It's Team Hong Kong General Manager - Derek. We have chosen our 7 Fire Dragons and announced them in the past two days. Are you hyped? Are you excited? We know... we know... some players you liked might not be recruited as one of the final 7. To be fair, it is a much tougher choice for us this year than last year as every players in the trials gave everything they got to us. And we have in fact, spent four meetings before we can actually consolidate the final roster. It is a tough task to be made and for all of us, we take every single decision seriously.

You may be wondering, we treasure transparency so much. Why would we choose a closed-door trials unlike other national teams? It is tough... we hope to make a comfortable environment for our coach and our players to perform without enormous pressure from the community. Our community team (we will announce soon!) is working extremely hard to give trials highlights and comms extract (it's hilarious!) to be shown in public.

Now, we will explain why we choose our 7 dragons and why we dropped some:


  1. MangoJai - Mango is the most experienced player in Hong Kong. Extremely skillful and such a mastermind for a lot of teams he stayed, there were so many crazy ideas and battle plans throughout the trials. His play, his skill and his communication are becoming so mature that we feel that he is ready to step up his game and we hope to see him going to the Overwatch® League.

  2. YiWind - As a mercy main coming to the competitive scene, YiWind's hero pool can accommodate with Mango, he can play Baptiste, Mercy and quite a good command of Ana while Mango can play god-tier Ana and Zenyatta. His calm and steady play style can balance with Mango's proactive style. Together they form a extremely solid supporting line helping our damage and tank players to shine.

Why not Jazzy?

Jazzy is definitely a strong pick. We have a tough time to make such a decision for quite an substantial amount of time and the reason behind is quite personal, so we choose rather not to publicly discuss this.

We mutually agree not to pick Jazzy this year for him after hours of discussion so he can spend enough time to strengthen his mental status even more to play with fellow Hong Kong players. We wish him success and getting stronger next year to contest the position.


  1. Amcrazy - From last year's substitute to main roster, Amcrazy dedicated his time to learn and master the art of main tanks starting from last year. We have seen a tremendous improvement on his Orisa and Reinhardt in the trials. His play-style is literally like his name - crazy - aggressive and reckless. We see Amcrazy as an unpolished pearl now and he will be an aggressive but yet reliable tank player on stage under our heavy focus.

  2. Step - A new face for Team Hong Kong. He is so passionate and eager to play as a player in OWWC 2019 and try to use this opportunities to join the next phase of Path to Pro for him - Contenders. His mid-field commands are on point, even Mango caught up with us to praise his promising commanding work. He is able to calm Amcrazy down and work closely with him (as they are in the same Open Division team) but also taking enough care on backline and strategic arrangement. The committee is extremely amazed with his performance in the trials.


  1. Moowe - Who wanted some more Widowmaker from Moowe? Yes! Here he is. He is still stunning even after a year of 3-0-3 DPS desert. Sneaky, risky and rewarding plays were seen in the trials from him. And when he played with the group, he smashed it. There is an amazing chemistry between Mango, Miko and him as they are ex-teammates. So he is a definite choice.

  2. MoonBlue - A cavalry from North America, an amazing and renowned projectile player from NA competitive scene. MoonBlue is surprising us. Participating in the trials with 200 ms ping, he could still have play after play to make huge differences on the match. He is a great fill for our team to allow more flexibility on our team composition.

  3. Mikouw - He is rather an unsung hero, he is an amazing damage player with a wide range of hero pool, from McCree to Tracer, from Tracer to Doomfist, he is always a reliable damage dealer with clean execution of strategies. One trial Miko had was a super underdog match, he could still manage to deal enough damage and take leadership role in the match. This is impressive and he earned this role.

3 damage players?

As we mentioned above in MoonBlue comments, the combination of these 3 damage players could yield a tremendous flexibility of team compositions. They all have different specialties and they all are REALLY good at those. They are some of the best damage players we have seen in the world. Utilizing the best of these 3 players' damage pools, our chance of winning increase drastically.

Special mention - Krekro

A talented player active in UK University leagues and Open Division Europe, his Skill Rating might not be the best, but that's just a decoy. His damage dealing was reliable and decisive. He improved a lot from trial series 1 until the end of the trial. This is an excellent experience for him to fight against professional players and this is as well an unforgettable feeling for him to strive for the best. Tough group really, it is a shame for us not giving a spot for him, but if he can leverage this experience, he will be a strong contestant of Team Hong Kong damage position in future years.

We have to thank all 12 players participating to our trials. We appreciate them - we really do. It is their effort to ignite the passion of our top 7 dragons and the committee to strive for the best result for all those players we dropped.

Team Hong Kong's Full Roster

So... what next?

The committee focuses changed from handling trials to promotion, travel and coaching.

You will soon expect some contents and community engagements from ASCII, our community lead and her task group we formed. I have heard some of the ideas, they are fun and amazing. We hope to cater those who are hardcore to competitive Overwatch, as well as casual community members from not only in Hong Kong but also the world. Please stay tuned!

We have assistant coaches this year as well! Please stay tuned for more information! And more importantly... we are seeking for funding to allow everyone here at Team Hong Kong to travel to the United States for participating in this year's World Cup. It is tough for our players to self-finance their way to the United States as the costs could take up to 1,800 USD (or 14,000 HKD). We have started a crowdfunding campaign and we need you to participate. Please help us! or otherwise we would miss this amazing opportunity for showcasing our amazing roster!

This is our GoGetFunding website - please back us up!

Derek Kwok

General Manager


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